InterAnalyst Affiliate Plan

All InterAnalyst members automatically become free referring affiliates.

You can refer friends, family, or anyone you wish to any page on our website, including Premier Bull & Bear Blog.

How & what earn:

1) When your first referral becomes paid  member, you are paid a 10% monthly royalty on that membership for life.

2) When your second referral becomes a paid member you are upgraded  20% monthly payout and that is retroactive for your first referred membership as well.

3) When you reach and maintain 3 active paid members, you are retroactively boosted to 30% monthly on every active referred membership.

So, essentially, refer 3 and your free!

The “3 & Free” Affiliate Plan

Everyone wants to buy low and sell high, right?  We’ve proved our algorithm works for decades.. 

We can now help your friends, relatives, or associates build and preserve wealth safer and faster.

 We do not hire affiliates or go “out of house”, ever. We ONLY allow our existing members to refer because they’re trusted proof.

You can be proud to help them privately Grow & Preserve their retirement and investments.

Simply refer to using the tools below and we will track it all for you absolutely free. 

Affiliate Tools & Tracking

The affiliate area is available only for registered affiliates.

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