Boom! World stock markets have hit a new all time high.

​MSCI’s All-World stocks index, which tracks 2,400 companies around the globe and yet you can see how correllated it it is to the S&P500.

One Year

Here is what the industry guru’s are saying about ACWI Growth (charts blue line) . . . “This years rise is partly due to the Nikkei’s surge to a two-decade closing high in Japan today. And the rally in Spanish stocks and bonds this morning is also helping.” This is the garbage they sell!

Here is the reality . . . the global market rally also owes a lot to US stocks, which have racked up a string of record highs this year. The S&P500 has gained more than 19% (Black Line) since Donald Trump won the US election last November, even though his promises of tax reform and infrastructure spending are still on the ‘To Do’ list.

More importantly, if you take a look at both the 1 and 5 year images, you can see that the all world index is almost perfectly correlated to the S&P500 index. It is precisely why our Wealth Preserver has historically been such a deadly accurate tool for growth and protection. It can help grow your retirement and other investment accounts while markets rise, and protect them from the next crash.

Grab the markets growth, avoid the majority of the coming crash, retire with much more. Invest, Grow, Protect.

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