God Bless America’s Founders as they were brilliant God fearing men married to amazing women. They took it upon themselves vast sacrifice to found the greatest country ever to exists on the face of this earth. Thousands have fought and many have died defending this country. A country based on a constitution that respects the individual and one that has helped spread liberty and prosperity to every corner of the world.

Having witnessed many great speeches over my lifetime from Margret Thatcher, President Reagan, both Bush’s, and Obama, I was stunned to witnessed another just yesterday. It is truly amazing what President Trump has accomplished in just 3 years. If you have not done so, please watch the dramatic accomplishments and incredible impact that has already manifested. According to his words, we now must prepare for the expansion of growth in specific sectors of the economy that is coming.

Our algorithm delivered a significant slingshot cycle prediction of the US Markets more than 10 months ago and now, the day before President Trump delivered this amazing speech, I published that the slingshot had started and for members to watch their Wealth Preserver and Wealth Maximizer Trade Signals and to read the Members Blog for precise entry and exits. It’s Coming!

As the child of two amazing immigrant parents, I have been fortunate to have been born, raised, and educated in the USA. I am blessed and just completed a prayer of thanks to God for allowing me to live at a time of rapidly expanding global freedom and prosperity. More importantly, I am thankful to be able to share our algorithmic trade signals with our friends around the world.

God Bless America

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