This is the Global Central Bank, Pension Fund, Retirement Account, and Stock Market Crash we warned was coming. It is here.

As for a bottom?

Keep in mind that we MUST go down first in order to clean it out and this then creates the bear trap as we saw back in 2009.

It will turn when there is more “blood in the streets” and all three of our memberships pegged it and protected our Members. That is why our members have avoided 70% of this decline thus far and will likely avoid 95% of it before it turns up. The important point here is that they will reenter the market with as much money as they had in late February.

And as the market turns and rallies off the bottom, the banks, brokerages, insurance companies and press will once again not believe it has turned because they will fear it will turn down again.

To our Members, this current market action only reinforces long-term forecast.

Now, with global interest rates at, or near, zero, bonds will soon become the place to leave.

Where will that money go?

Eventually, the only place for capital to shift to will be US Equities. Specifically, these will be in a slingshot move up.

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