For most of our Cryptocurrency Markets, we only provide signals weekly & daily. This is due to the lack of long-term data for most crypto markets. There simply is not enough data for our algorithm to produce monthly indicators to our standards for most markets. Bitcoin is the only exception; we provide a monthly chart for Bitcoin.

What Are “Double-Green Signals?”

Our Double-Green Signal is when the weekly chart and the daily chart for a market are both green. There are a couple situations when this happens, and all Double-Green Signals are not equal in strength.

The most effective Double-Green signals occur specifically when the weekly chart turns green while the daily chart is red, first. Once the daily signal changes to green and the weekly is still maintaining green. This is the best type of Double-Green Signal we provide for Crypto Markets. An extra step you can take to further determine if the investment is right for you is to check the monthly bitcoin investment chart. If it is green, your risk is lower than if it is currently red.

When Weekly Signal Turns Green Before The Daily:

Basic Attention, October 28th

Weekly Basic Attention Investment Chart

October 21st, Basic Attention Weekly turns green.
Daily Basic Attention Investment Chart

November 2nd, Basic Attention Daily turns green.
Monthly Bitcoin Investment Chart

Monthly Bitcoin Signal is red, signifying some risk still.

If the Daily Signal turns green before the weekly signal also changes to green, to form a double-green signal, invest with caution. Again, an extra step you can take to determine whether this market signal is worth buying is to check the monthly bitcoin signal. If it is green, your risk is lower than if it is currently red.

When Daily Signal Turns Green Before The Weekly:

Augur, October 28th

Daily Augur Investment Chart

October 21st, 2018 Daily Signal for Augur
Weekly Augur Investment Chart

October 28th, 2018 Weekly Signal for Augur. Monthly Bitcoin Signal is still red (refer above); signifying some long-term risk.


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