Remember the good ‘ol days that Silver and Gold were going through the roof.

On September 21, 2009, when Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” fame along with Mike Moloney “Gold Guru” predicted that gold should reach $15000/Oz and Silver $1000/Oz. they were wrong or at least way too early.

Fortunately, we were out in 2011, and unless you have been attempting to short those metals, gains have been tough to achieve on the bullish side. No, we are not claiming to be perfect, just accurate enough to help our subscribers.

So, what about today, is it going to continue down or are we close to a super cycle bottom?

Let’s look at a top-down approach to Silver.

Monthly Chart

As you can see in the chart (above right and below), the long-term trend is bearish and has been for a very long time! Breaking this trend will require a substantial change in the economic cycle which we do see on the horizon.

Weekly Chart

As you can see in the weekly chart below taking any position on a bullish trend move would be modestly risky in the short term and intermediate term.

Daily Chart

Because the Monthly and Weekly charts are setting the primary Bearish trends, if the daily chart turns bullish, it should be viewed as a potentially better shorting position, not long-term bullish position.


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