We want to thank you for a wonderful and profitable 2016.

My wife and I patiently waited during the 2015 and 2016 year wondering if our investments were going to make us money in this volatile election cycle.  As you suggested in your subscriber newsletters all along, “Trust The Arrows”.

We did this. In the end we made out very well.  You made us money.

You have us for life.

John & Amy B.  Ohio

John and Amy,

Too many people are involved both domistically and internationally in the development of the system and its ongoing progressive development integration to personally take credit.  So, from all of us at InterAnalyst we thank you for the nice letter of appreciation.

InterAnalyst does not care whether the markets are going to go up or down, we just want our subscribers to know which way.

Here is our continued promise:
We promise to continue to present the economy, politics, and international economics in an honest fashion with no bias in either direction, just the facts.  Furthermore, we promise to update you when it matters to your retirment account and let you go about your daily life!

We will leave you alone and help you retire sooner and let you stay retired more comfortably.


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