I found a legitimately researched video worthy of sharing regarding our climate and the propaganda marketed to those with no minds or closed minds.


The truth is in and now you understand why I posted this in our Bull and Bear Blog.

Afterall, who will argue the weather because no one has lived long enough to remember the weather patterns of 25 years ago, what about 250 years ago or 2500 years ago?  Todays Climate change propaganda allow elites to make public policy changes that allow them to confiscate your money via baseless and fraudulent taxation.

The “Carbon Footprint Tax” is a perfect example of how elites systemically tranfer your wealth to themselves.

Dont fall for it, dont buy the lies they sell to those not willing to learn and then validate the truth.

Its the same kind of garbage they spew about “buy and hold” being the only way to invest… foolishness.

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