The two stories below cover the same exact area of the world . . . the Persian Gulf.

Iran will quietly comply with whatever the USA and its current administration desire. The American public will focus on fright rather than the future potential of what these companies can produce.

Laser weapons are now a real, viable, speed of light, defense weapon that will only become more efficient and powerful. Plus, as the technology develops exponentially faster, you can forget an atomic attack unless its a total inside job with the help of a Fed Ex, UPS, or a major transportation carrier like a ship or airline. So, the only thing exploding in the near future are the stock prices of the companies who produce each part of these amazing new defense weapons.

Political manipulation and fear exist in every decade right next to opportunity and wealth. I miss my Tang in the morning and my Foghat 8-track tapes of the 60’s and early 70’s. I just love my Dick Tracy Apple watch.

God Bless America

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