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The top-down strategy works to keep our Daily Charts in synch with our Weekly charts and the Weekly Charts in sync with our Monthly Charts allowing traders support across multiple time frames dramatically increasing their chances of consistency with winning trades.

As you can see in the daily chart below, we closed out a one month trade for a nice gain using the Exchange Traded Fund (EWO).  EWO captures market movements on the Australian ATX Index.

An Austrian Pofitable Trade 1

Traders simply looked at the weekly chart below as the starting point in determining whether to “consider even taking a bullish long” position with the daily chart above.

As you can see, the weekly was in full support of a bullish move and this gave us support and confidence to take the position.

An Austrian Pofitable Trade 3

What you also saw in the daily chart was that our exit point preserved the gain while the ATX/EWO took a dive.


An Austrian Pofitable Trade 5

An Austrian Pofitable Trade