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That so-called strategy of buy and hold works only during the uptrend in a cycle.
Buy & Hold Is For The Birds 1

Buy & Hold Is For The Birds 3

For example, Donald Trump made a lot of money, but each time there was a crash in real estate, he got into trouble. That is the buy-and-hold. Warren Buffet got caught buying silver in 1997/1998, and claimed he was not manipulating markets but making a long-term investment. He had sold out that position and did not hold it for the rally into 2011.

If you bought the stock market and held for the 1929 crash, it was not until November 1954 before the Dow exceeded the 1929 high. That was 25 years and 2 months.

In the case of gold, it took until January 2008 to exceed the 1980 high. That was 28 years to wait and then this is only in nominal terms, Adjusted for inflation and in both cases it was much longer and in gold it still has not exceeded the 1980 high.

So, if you are buying and holding your investments within your IRA, 401k, retirement plan, or brokerage account, we wish you the best through the next decline.   However, if you would like to preserve what you have built until now, we can help with any of our subscriptions

Buy & Hold Is For The Birds