The problem of a weak Congress and executive growth should be bad news to all of us and, more importantly, to every constituent who cast their votes for us under the impression that Congress made decisions— not suggestions. I think the weakness of the Congress is not just undesirable, but is actually a dangerous thing for America.

The following speech from freshman U.S. Senator Ben Sasse (R, Neb) is so thoughtful and inspiring, it should be required viewing for all American citizens.

To hear a U.S. Senator sound more like a statesman than a corrupt hack politician for sale to the highest bidder, is such a breath of fresh air I almost can’t believe it’s real. Rather than talking down to voters, he challenges them to become more enlightened, nonpartisan-thinkers with a sense of history. He challenges all of us to shake ourselves from an ignorant, fear-based stupor and reclaim the true genius and beauty at the heart of the American experiment.

Take the time to watch this. The entire thing, and then share it with everyone you know.

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