Are you kidding me?

You can fail 70% of the time and still become the greatest in history.

Don’t look so puzzled.

I’m referring to baseball’s Hall of Fame member Ted Williams, who most experts agree is the greatest hitter in baseball history.

If you know baseball, then you no-doubt know where I’m going. If you’re not a baseball fan, here’s what you need to know to get my analogy: If a batter gets a hit every single time he goes to bat, he has a 100% success rate, and baseball fans say he is “batting 1,000.” If he gets a hit exactly half of the times he goes to bat, he has a 50% success rate, so he’s batting .500. The higher the batting average, the better the hitter. You get the idea.

Now, what do you suppose is the batting average of the greatest hitter in baseball history?

You might guess … well, no one can be perfect, but the best hitter EVER must be pretty close, so he must have succeeded more than he failed, so I’m going to say his average was at least .700 (a 70% success rate).





Nope, nope, and NOPE!

The answer is … .344.

… which means, Ted Williams — the undisputed “best hitter in baseball history” — actually FAILED far more frequently than he succeeded. In fact, he failed to get a hit 66% of the time, whereas he succeeds only 34% of the time.

Yet, NO ONE has been able to top his stats over the course of a career. Even his percentage for getting on base, .482, reveals more failure than success. Yet it remains the highest on-base percentage EVER.

The point is, you don’t have to win all the time to be successful as an investor. You don’t even have to win more often than you lose; you just have to win more than others win, and make your winners bigger than your losers.

Which — when you compare yourself to the shockingly high failure rates among investment professionals that Livio Nespoli, InterAnalyst – seems kind of easy. But when you consider how our brains are wired to learn from failure, it can in fact be a real challenge.

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There are two exceptions to the rule, however, and Livio details them — and reveals how you, too, can put yourself in these rarest of breeds — inside his next InsidersPower.

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