It’s Criminal to Buy Australian Property?

The Australian government has now ordered the sale of residential properties bought in breach of foreign ownership laws. The anti-foreign investor in property in Australia reflects the very high Marxist influence in Australia. The general perception was that housing prices were being driven higher caused by offshore buyers.

The interesting part is again this is illustrating that absolutely everything is interconnected. The attack of foreign investors as the sole cause of property rising demonstrates that people are blind to the collapse in confidence in government as capital tries to get off the grid with dangerous banks and tax hungry politicians.

However, the share market has elected to stay BEARISH from the August High in 2014.

The Australian government announced it would attack foreign investors in full-blown Marxist spirit in May 2015. That is when the government announced an amnesty of sorts for foreign investors who had breached Australia’s residential property rules. They gave them seven months – until December 1 – to voluntarily come forward and disclose ownership. In return, foreign investors were allowed a prolonged 12 months to sell their property and were protected from criminal prosecution – yes that is CRIMINAL! They would actually imprison a foreigner for daring to buy property in Australia. Unimaginable!

This anti-foreign capital position adopted in Australia is precisely in the opposite direction of the United States which just revoked all restrictions on foreigners buying US property. Additionally, Australia’s anti-foreign capital investment in real estate is having an impact on its stock market as well. Major investors from Asia are simply turning to the USA and so have commented to us that they are writing off Australia as very anti-capitalist country that cannot be trusted as it panders to leftists. Interesting how Australia and Britain are suffering from very strong leftist movements. In the States, we are seeing it to a lessor degree with Bernie Sanders. This is the danger we face globally.

The tree is cut, which way does it fall? Freedom or Communism?

With so many people claiming the problem is the rich, that may leads us to a total loss of freedom.

While Marxism spreads throughout countries due to political greed and protectionism, the USA may benefit from all that money seeking safe shelter. Most of it will directly or indirectly enter the stock market.

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