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Now here’s a problem you face . . . 

Gold and silver won’t save you!   Sorry, but gold and silver bugs are being manipulated. 

Our crooked politicians are setting Gold Bugs up for a 1933 repeat performance. Back then, President Roosevelt, recalled all gold by penalty of law and set the price. 

Why do you think they did it then? 

The Government was bankrupt! They did it to regain wealth and control its citizens!  Unfortunately, it looks like it’s the only way our government will take back its power again! 

If you don’t think our politicians will do it again, you’re in dreamland.

If the government wants to recall gold at an unfair price as they did before, they will. 

And you will promptly turn in every single piece or face imprisonment and heavy fines just like they did in 1933!

You don’t have to believe me. Let’s listen to an insider:

CMI, a gold insider recently wrote on the topic of Gold confiscation including numismatic gold. 

“The concept of ‘non-confiscatable gold is counterfeit. The idea lives only because dealers continue to push it for their own benefit. Investors who do not have the facts are unable to know otherwise.”

Finally, words from an honest gold dealer!

Now , look what is happening in Europe:

There is a very curious new development with respect to gold. In many European countries, people can no longer buy retail gold coins for bullion. Shops will buy but no one is selling. Banks that previously offered gold to the public have shut down in Spain. If someone leaves Spain wearing a lot of jewelry, authorities will pull them aside to weigh whatever jewelry they may have.

Little by little, this hunt for money by desperate government is turning toward gold. Shutting down retail sales is quite alarming, for what typically follows is some decree of forcing the public to turn over bullion by a certain date, or thereafter it can be confiscated and illegal to even own.

Meanwhile, April saw the biggest decline in gold shipment to China that traditionally goes through Switzerland. In April, they fell 67%. As the economy has been turning down in Asia, the demand for gold has fallen by about 36%.”

With governments in Europe cutting off the ability to buy gold, which is already declining in demand, mixed with the rising dollar, everything warns that the final low for gold may be on the horizon.”

The Myth Of Non-Confiscatable Gold