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Just as the sun rises; it sets . . .

Just as there are bull markets, there are bear markets!

​Metaphorically, no one knows the precise day, nor hour, that the next crash commences. Advisors don’t know. Jim Kramer doesn’t know. Fox news doesn’t know. CNN doesn’t know. The WSJ doesn’t know. No one does. They all preach the party line of buy and hold and don’t worry about it. They will preach this line all the way down until you lose up to 60% of your account value or more.

That’s why we developed our Wealth Preserver. and it takes all the noise out along with opinions, emotions, and guesswork. In fact, it has known within the first week or two and avoided most of the prior two bear markets!

In addition, our Wealth Preserver turned into a wealth Maximizer by entering the markets again and made large gains as the markets have climbed since. Take a look at how far ahead you could be now and in the future.

The Sun & Markets