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Livio Nespoli

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at InterAnalyst
Mr. Nespoli has been in the investment industry as a broker, registered investment advisor, and financial publisher since 1985. He has authored over 200 financial publications, over 31,000 buy & sell trade charts, and served investors in 35 countries.
Livio Nespoli
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Remember All The Predictions?

If you recall just last week we were told of a market collapse would occur if Trump were elected and WWIII would start as well.

How much of that was true?

Lets take a look and tackle both of those question.

Lets take a look at what happened to the S&P 500 Index since November 8th:

OK. Well I am alive, and if you are reading this you are alive. So, since the markets promptly went up, it means that the markets had already factored a Trump win, and likely, a Clinton win as well.  So, the reality is that neither of these two politicians had any effect on the markets!

Now, let’s see which one would likely have started WWIII?

According to the Kremlin: a Clinton Victory Would Have Led to World War 3 Between Russia and the US.

We will never know if this could have occurred . . . thank goodness.  But the point here is simple, you cannot predict what will happen based on election year propaganda, especially that coming from government insiders and their massive marketing ability.

As one of our subscribers told me just today . . .

“Livio, thank God I have your subscription, you saved me from the 2008 crash and in this political environment its like an insurance policy against my own emotions. I am 853% ahead of where I would have been.”  Ben, Omaha