Research Covering 400 Years

More than 400 years of economic history reveals there is roughly four, 50% stock market crashes in a person’s life. Just one crash delay’s retirement by 10 years or longer. Bear Markets significantly lower a retiree’s quality of life.

Price Direction Is Revealed

We researched market data dating back to the 1920’s. The 90-year, month to month analysis found 3 “economic DNA markers” that revealed the start of EVERY bear market decline and bull market rise since 1927.

Proven Growth & Protection

Using this research, we dedicated 1000’s of hours of technological development to successfully create a proprietary signaling system that helps grow and protect your investment and retirement accounts.

Simple Green & Red Signals

Our proprietary signals are helping investors from conservative “buy & hold” retirement fund investors to aggressive investors who prefer trading stocks, forex, commodities, and cryptos.

How Do Charts + Signals Work For You?

From conservative protection to aggressive growth for your investments.

When a Red signal is issued you can Stop, Sell and Preserve.
When a Green Signal is issued you can Go, Invest and Grow.
Memberships are like having Traffic Light Trading Signals with included GPS

There's an InterAnalyst Membership for Everyone

From conservative protection to aggressive growth for your investments.

2 Wealth Preserver Memberships:

(Monthly Charts + Signals)

The primary benefit of Wealth Preserver memberships is that they act as an Investment Alert System For Your Account(s). It helps your money to grow while markets rise, and adds a layer of protection to preserve the majority of your retirement value when the bear market begin their decline.

2 Wealth Maximizer Memberships:

(Monthly, Weekly, & Daily Charts + Signals)

The primary benefit of Wealth Maximizer memberships is that they help simplify, inform and guide decisions for those who prefer active trading. These memberships use precisely the same proprietary signaling system; except on an optional Weekly or Daily basis.

Wealth Preserver

The Wealth Preserver (WP) membership includes the core S&P500 Monthly Chart + Signal. Plus, it includes the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and Russel 2000. Signals work with any discount broker or within any 401K retirement plan.

International WP

The International Wealth Preserver (IWP) membership includes the WPPlus, it adds Monthly Charts + Signals for 25 Country Indexes to help traders & people with international retirement plans.

Wealth Maximizer

The Wealth Maximizer (WM) membership adds Weekly Charts + Signals to the WP & IWP membership levels. PLUS, it adds 12 Sector Funds, Commodities, & 23 FOREX Pairs.

Wealth Maximizer PRO

The Wealth Maximizer PRO (WMPRO) membership adds Daily Charts + Signals to all membership levels. PLUS, it adds 44 different Cryptocurrencies!

About Us

A+ rated with the BBB for over 25+ Years.

A + Rated Forever

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