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What To Do With A Green Signal

If you see that the Current Signal box is GREEN and says Bullish, then BUY unleveraged or leveraged 1x, 2x, 3x S&P 500 ETFs.

What To Do With A Red Signal

If you see that the Current Signal box is RED and says Bearish, then BUY S&P 500 index 1x, 2x, 3x INVERSE etfs; they make money while the market goes down.

What To Do With A White Signal

If you see that the Current Signal box is white and says Cash, then sell all your holdings and your money will automatically rest in your Cash account. 

Drawdowns & Profits Are Part Of The System

Drawdowns and profits are a part of the system, so get used to the emotions of both or you will be a nervous wreck. Just imagine if you were trading with 17x leverage, like the Smart Money Commercials that help guide us. The “Smart Money, massive Commercials, Huge Investor” know how and where the markets are going BEFORE the markets make a move. (Hint: They move them.) This is why you will virtually always have drawdowns.

A drawdown is a decline in a trades value, before it is sold, and can last various time frames. Drawdowns usually occur from the time the signals are issued until the public finds where the smart money is invested. When the public catches on, the market swiftly moves to where the smart money is positioned, and the profits come quickly. No, this cycle does not take years, only months so it can occur two to four times per year!

Profits are a great feature of the Smart Money System because statistically, they occur in roughly 3 of every 4 trades. Yes, that means that 1 of every 4 is a loss. But the profits substantially outweigh the losses, What this means is that there could be times where you do not see a loss in 16 consecutive trades, then get 4 losses in a row. Just understand and be aware that both occur, and follow the trades without emotion ESPECIALLY if you have experienced losses or had a losing calendar year. The system works and has worked since 1986 when they created the futures market!

Leverage Options

Many Available Options

You can choose to follow the signals to make money Long Only, Long & Short, and Long & Short with Leverage. The choice is yours.

What you will notice looking at the performance statistics in each leverage option below is that all the signals significantly…

  • outperformed buy and hold,
  • had smaller drawdowns,
  • and cover the subscription cost hundreds of times over.

You should chose a personally suitable leverage option and there are many other ETFs as well. We provide the ETF symbols in the headings below because they represent those with the massive liquidity to maintain a lower risk profile.

Also, something to keep you in humble perspective, the Smart Money Insiders trading the commercial futures contracts use 17x leverage, not the 1x, 2x, or 3x we illustrate. Just imagine the money they can make.

No Leverage Longe Only ETF: SPY

No Leverage Long & Short ETFs: SPY & SH

200% Leverage Long Only ETF: SSO

200% Leverage Long & Short ETFs: SSO & SDS

300% Leverage Long Only ETF: SPXL

300% Leverage Long & Short: SPXL & SPXS

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