It Will Work Perfectly For You

The Wealth Preserver is perfect for anyone who owns a 401k, IRA, Funds, or any Variable Insurance product.

It works perfectly in all domestic or international brokerage accounts and is Super Simple to use.

It’s not day trading and you are notified of crashes before they happen, not after!

No Emotions, Opinions, or Guru’s Required.

Just Pure Growth & Account Protection For Pennies.

When notified, just follow two simple rules:

You receive Red Alerts by email when a crash is starting. Shift to safety.

The Wealth Preserver protects your Retirement/Investment Accounts from the bulk of the decline; allowing more to grow after the crash.

You receive Green Alerts by email when the crash is over to grow rapidly. Get back in.

The Wealth Preserver grows your retirement/investment accounts faster by letting them grow from pre-crash, much higher levels.

As a Wealth Preserver member you can enjoy your life with peace of mind knowing you are Growing & Protected.

Just like the 2000 “Dot.Com Crash“, the 2008 “Financial Crash“, and the 2020 “Corona-Crash“, we protect you.

Since 1995 we’ve been right here keeping an eye on things. We promise to increase and protect your quality of life. 

Relative to the loss in crash, gaining lifelong peace of mind is insanely affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions


An InterAnalyst Membership is per household so that a working couple can use it in both retirement accounts. So, as long as you have more than $10,000 in your retirement accounts combined and are contributing at least $50 each per month, it makes perfect sense.


Did you know that the 2020 was going to come and when? Do you know when it is going to happen again and what if the decline lasts many years like it did in 2008? Do you know when it will start, we do. The next stock market crash is just around the corner.

Below is a list of 50% or greater stock market crashes that occurred in every century. It's not a matter of if, only when it is going to happen.

17th century                           
Kipper und Wipper periodTulip mania Bubble

18th century                           
The Mississippi BubbleSouth Sea Bubble of 1720Panic of 1792Panic of 1796–97

19th century         
Panic of 1819Panic of 1825Panic of 1837Panic of 1847Panic of 1857Black Friday (1869)Panic of 1873Paris Bourse crash of 1882Panic of 1884EncilhamentoPanic of 1893Panic of 1896

20th century                           
Panic of 1901Panic of 1907Depression of 1920–21Wall Street Crash of 1929Recession of 1937–381971 Brazilian markets crash1973–74 stock market crashSouk Al-Manakh stock market crash (1982)Japanese asset price bubble (1986–1991)Black Monday (1987)Rio de Janeiro Stock ExchangeFriday the 13th mini-crash (1989)1990s Japanese stock market crashDot-com bubble (1995–2000)1997 Asian financial crisisOctober 27, 1997, mini-crash1998 Russian financial crisis

21st century         
Economic effects arising from the September 11 attacks (2001)Stock market downturn of 2002Chinese stock bubble of 2007United States bear market of 2007–09Financial crisis of 2007–08Dubai debt standstillEuropean debt crisis2010 Flash Crash2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunamiAugust 2011 stock markets fall2011 Bangladesh share market scam2015–16 Chinese stock market turbulence2015–16 stock market crash2016 United Kingdom EU referendum

Self Paying Subscription

As you have seen in this history, it is not a matter of if it is coming, only when.  So why not have peace of mind, go about your life knowing that your family is protected from the majority of the coming market crash. Best of all, your membership will pay for itself for life when you avoid just one crash.


Absolutely! ​We have yet to find a single type of retirement account worldwide that does not allow an employee, with a simple phone call or computer login, to move their retirement holdings to a money market account for temporary protection. When you get the green light from us, you simply ask them put you right back to where you were before you exited.


No, it is safer!

Let's turn the question around and ask what is riskier?

Losing half or more of what you have built with the investments you currently own, then waiting 3-7 years for your accounts to grow back to where they were originally?  And then again only to see another decline in the future take half again. 

Or . . .

Temporarily shifting the money into a money market account for protection, wait for the market to stabilize, then move back into the same investments you already owned at a lower price?

Your membership will silently help protect, preserve, and grow your retirement giving you peace of mind and better retirement.

Here is the Absolute Definative Proof of why you do need immediate protection and growth.


No, we do not have access to your accounts. You simply follow our Wealth Preserver guide. 


Our memberships represents extreme value at a cost that's a fraction of a single serious stock market decline.  

All household members can use it so the growth and protection is for all.

You can rest assured that as a member you are certainly better safe than sorry. 

In fact, one market crash could cover the cost of your subscription for the rest of your life or longer.

You get a free 15 day trial and upgrade or downgrade your membership from within your member's area.


If you the signals within any retirement plan, then there are ZERO TAXES.

For entry and exit signals in any non-retirement account, there will be capital gains taxes. Consult your local Tax advisor.


Designed for families who want protection from stock market crashes, but have no interest in following the stock market and trading. 


If all you want is to know is precisely when to protect your retirement and investment accounts from dramatic declines that will profoundly affect your current life and retirement, this is the right option for you.


For instance, millions of us own Lifelock. Lifelock prevents identity theft which affects less than 1/2% of us.  Stock Market crashes affect everyone's 401k plan, IRA, and every single discount brokerage account.  

Stock market crashes come as a thief in the night and change the rest of your life.

The worst part is that you never know the difference of a market correction and when the real crash has started. But we do know the difference,  monitor it, and protect you. We alert you via email when it matters most and guide you on precisely what to do step by step.

 The Wealth Preserver is truly a "better to be safe than sorry " membership that can pay for itself for life by avoiding a single crash.



As a member we will answer any question you have.

Grow & Protect Your Quality Of Life

A $47 monthly family membership for all household members.

 (Pay itself for life by just avoiding the next crash!)

What Members Believe and Express

I must say that I am impressed. I certainly did not want to risk the majority of my retirement account and no longer even think about what is coming in the markets. I want growth and that’s what I’m getting.

Andi M.

Pizzaria Owner

This is the most valuable subscription we own. The membership protected our retirement account in 2008 and our growth has exploded ever since. This is a no brainer.

Ron and Marie B


My husband and I suffered through the 2000 – 2003 crash but just watched the 2008 crash from the sidelines. We are so far ahead and we have not sacrificed a bit for the comfort we have gained.

Becky T

Business Owner

I wanted to write in to tell you just how important this has become to me. Retirement, investing, saving…none of these things even crossed my mind before children, then suddenly I HAD to start! I needed to make sure this little girl was cared for, so I started looking around for advice and help. Becoming a Wealth Preserver member has changed my life, I am once again worry free! It is so nice to know you can trust and count on such a great team…. especially since I knew nothing (literally) about this before. I know this is the path to having a great retirement and a nest egg for our children.

T. Taylor

Interior Decorator

I find it very hard to understand all the financial terms and I’ve once been made to feel foolish and felt that I shouldn’t be involved!  I greatly appreciate InterAnalyst and trust them completely. I value the red and green signals as my best investment guidance. They have a knowledgeable staff that quickly responds to all the questions I asked. InterAnalyst gives you a smooth, worry-free road to retirement.

Sergio D.


Grow & Protect Your Quality of Life

A $47 monthly family membership for all household members.

(Pay itself for life by just avoiding the next crash!)

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