The Wealth Maximizer

Trend Trading Profits With Proven Weekly Charts & Signals

Monthly & Weekly Charts With Higher Probability Signals

116 Total Markets

Includes 4 US Index’s, 21 International Index’s, 12 Sectors, 12 Commodities, 23 Forex, and 44 Cryptocurrency Charts with Signals!

The Benefit of Weekly Charts

Weekly charts for trend traders wanting superior signals delivered every weekend without having to monitor their accounts every single day.

WP Monthly Charts Included

The Wealth Maximizer’s Weekly Charts & Two Level Signals increase a signals likelihood of success based on A Pro’s 5 Minute Trade Secret.

No Emotions - No Opinions - No Guesswork

Weekly Charts Offering Simple Green & Red Traffic Light Signals

US Stock Indexes

International Index’s

US Sector Funds




Members Love Trend Trading Maximizer Profits

“Words cannot adequately express my appreciation for all that the Wealth Maximizer provided for me. I am very delighted to have this service. It is user friendly and is not only simple to use,it helps me to know precisely when to buy and when to sell. The information on the website is clear and easy to follow, which really puts you at ease when you are deliberating over a potential market move. I was most impressed with the turnaround and how quickly and smoothly their service has improved my life.”
Smith C.

SMS Member

“I have had terrible experiences with acclaimed investment analysis platforms to the extent that I decided never try any again. But all that changed when a trusted friend recommended the Wealth Maximizer. I went through the website and their analysis, I was impressed so I gave it a try. It’s been mind blowing returns on investment all the way. The work their team has done is unbelievable. I now invest with so much ease and peace of mind. Thank you InterAnalyst team.”
Victor U.

SMS Member

“Financial security and rapidly growing investments is what everyone aims for in their life. I was always skeptical of investing in the stock market as I found it complex. Until, one day I came across the Wealth Maximizer. I did a thorough review and found that InterAnalyst is invested heavily in their members. Once, I completed my due diligence, I now only use the Wealth Maximizer for my fun money, and the Wealth Preserver for my retirement money. Thank you for growth and protection.”

Dhruv B.

SMS Member

ONLY $67/month

All Memberships Come With A7-Day Free Trial
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