Mid-September Markets Update: Part 2

US Stock Markets

Todays upward move in the markets is more in line with normal correlative movements suggesting that the longer-term bull market may continue beyond the US elections to years end. Todays follow through also means that both domestic and international investors are on board with the US Markets. The good news is that if we close this year above the 2017 high of 24876, we stand a reasonable shot at creating an explosive move.  This is the type of move that could change the balance of our lives.


As the US Markets move, the Dollar strengthens over the course of the next few months and our estimate is that there could be a panic in the Euro before year end, likely late October to November.

Global Political Risk

Trading currency SHORT TERM right now is becoming a risk takers dream/nightmare because the political winds are shifting daily everywhere around the world.  There is a significant Conservative vs. Liberal battle happening in almost every country. Socialism is fighting for survival politically everywhere and while the battles rage, capital will always flow to the safest location.

I cannot find a moment in my lifetime that was more politically uncertain for the US Markets.

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