The Hunt For Taxes Is Escalating Globally

The Hunt For Taxes Is Escalating Globally

It really is very astonishing how brain-dead politicians are.

The latest stats are showing that residents are increasingly fleeing New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The perpetually rising taxes are just getting insane. We just received this notice ourselves about taxes due in California. Apparently, they must have subpoenaed Amazon to see who has merchandise they are storing in California. First of all, we have no idea where Amazon stores what it sells of our products or to whom. You pay Amazon – not us. To claim that since Amazon is storing something of ours in California means we are now doing business in California is completely nuts. They collect the taxes and ship whatever someone purchases – not us!

If every state acts in this manner, quite honestly it is time to just close the doors. What is next? They will want income taxes on anything we sell in California on a per item basis?  The accounting will cost more than the tax we collect or have to pay.

This is a sure fire way to destroy the economy all because those in governments are incapable of managing even a bubblegum machine. The hunt for taxes will destroy everything.

The letter below is dated December 5, 2018, and it arrived at my residence here in South Carolina.

It must have occurred while I was on a 3-week holiday throughout Italy with 2 uncles in September 2015. Unfortunately, the car was under my name on the rental, but maybe it was one of my uncles driving? We must have been captured by a Traffic photosystem without any knowledge of the traffic violation! I did not ignore the ticket originally or ever and in 2015 or 2016 when I lived in Nebraska. My wife and I moved to South Carolina in 2017.

Who knows and who cares which one of us was driving the roads of Italy in 2015. They assume I ignored the ticket because I was the renter!

So, how do I fight this ticket, who do I call, and where do I defend myself. To my knowledge, they sent it to collections without having sent me a ticket for the original amount.

Here is my point:

When someone tells you that the street lights and corners are full of cameras tracking you, believe them. The entire European system is becoming automated and frightening, and the US is now doing the same.

Is this what the future holds?

Dear Friend,

You owe this much in State, Federal, Community, VAT, Ticket, Carbon Tax, please mail it in or it goes to collections before we cease your property?

Nevermind, we just took it out of your account via the Blockchain!

Have a nice day!

Your greedy, controlling, socialistic government.

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