Trump, Wiretaps & The Bond Market

This is the video press conference in its entirety from the committee actually investigating everything.

Yes, there was no “wiretap” of Trump Tower. While the New York Times is desperate to cover everything up and focus only on that single word “wiretap” to claim Trump has no proof,  behind the curtain everyone knows that Trump was spied on.

What is going on is the committee “invited” people with information within government to come clean and present info directly to the committee. To the shock of everyone, that is happening!

So people do not want to go down with the ship and they will give up others who have been leaking info to the New York Times and the Washington Post, which have been the mouthpieces for the Democrats and the anti-Trump movement.

So, this will get much more interesting as we move forward. Keep in mind that more confidence in government is undermined, include the mainstream media, the more likely we will see government bonds collapse.

Politics is the driving force in the current economic cycle.

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