Nasdaq Companies Frighten Traders over the last week!

Nasdaq Companies Frighten Traders over the last week!

Facebook & Twitter Rocked!

Zuckerburg and Dorsey, two liberal leaders allow their companies to build millions of false accounts.

These two allowed these fake accounts to expand on their own platforms, why? Because they need there stocks price to rise. Remember their value is directly correlated to the number of users their advertisers can reach.  So, more revenue is generated on the backs of FALSE users.  This is the type of deception that comes from greedy criminals.  Capitalism uncovered the idiots attempting to control and manipulate business income and the investors who own the shares.

Here are a couple of questions:

  1. How long have the false accounts existed?
  2. How much ad revenue, in false advertising, was generated from those false accounts?
  3. If they can make a false account, they can certainly make a false click, correct?
  4. A real business, owned by real humans pay for Facebook advertising. Did they pay for a legitimate service?

The Point:  If I were to sell you a nice 3″ x 5″ ad in your local paper, collect the money, and then never run the ad, would you want your money back?

In all fairness and honesty, Zuckerburg and Dorsey MUST return all ad revenue generated from fake clicks and false accounts to their advertiser accounts.

Technology Index Updated (NASDAQ) Charts


It’s clearly evident that we remain bullish as the current month has not produced a red light indicating a bear market warning as we did in 2000 and in 2008, and 2015! So, longterm 401k, RSP, IRA and other Long-term retirement plan investors holding technology in their portfolios should remain invested even if a couple of their tech stocks take the hit right now.


The weekly charts are telling a similar bullish pattern although weakening somewhat from the Facebook and Twitter issues. Right now, the market is above momentum on our weekly models hinting this is still in a bullish long-term trend.

Daily Chart:

This chart says it all for the trader. Based on market action Friday, our members were out at the market open today and avoided today’s decline entirely.
We see continued downside follow through with a buying opportunity shortly.

So, once this market finishes its decline, we can rethink what Facebook and Twitter will do when they fixed their criminal overcharging.

At that time our algorithm will show you precisely when to ride the bull again.

Chat soon.

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