Trump Outmanuvers Xi – 5 US Stock Indexes Set To Explode Higher

Trump Outmanuvers Xi – 5 US Stock Indexes Set To Explode Higher

Trump Outmanuvers Xi

China has *already* lost the trade war with the U.S. but they just haven’t realized it yet.
For reference, look at what has happened recently with Mexico and U.S.  Mexico capitulated.
Just wait for China to realize that they will no longer be calling the shots in their trade with the U.S.
Here are recent moves:
The Trump Administration’s decision to reimpose sanctions on the Iranian oil trade has dramatically reduced Iranian crude exports – but it hasn’t stopped some of the U.S.’s largest economic rivals from accepting shipments of Iranian crude, according to several media investigations. Not only has China continued to import Iranian crude, so have several other Asian and Mediterranean countries, according to data from several tanker tracking services studied by the New York Times and other media organizations. Per the NYT, in April 2018, before Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal, Iran exported 2.5 million barrels of oil per day. One year later, that figure was at one million. And in June, after the end of the exceptions or waivers, ships in Iranian ports loaded about 500,000 barrels per day, according to Reid I’Anson, an energy economist at Kpler, a company tracking seaborne commodities.

Below are satellite images of some of these tankers docking at Chinese ports.
Last week, the Treasury Department sanctioned Chinese oil trader Zhuhai Zhenrong for buying oil from Iran. The decision was intended to send a message to other Chinese firms, and anyone else buying Iranian oil who also hoped to do business with the U.S.Related: China Unlikely To Slap Retaliatory Tariff On U.S. Crude Oil“Any entity considering evading our restrictions, particularly related to Iranian petrochemicals, should take this message seriously,” said one official. “We recently sanctioned Zhuhai Zhenrong…for knowingly engaging in a significant transaction for the purchase or acquisition of crude oil from Iran. This action underscores our commitment to enforcement.”But targeting CNPC would be an especially serious escalation at a time when tensions between the U.S. and China are nearing a breaking point. Even as satellite data and imagery suggest that the tankers linked to Bank of Kunlun are employing tactics including turning off tracking devices and changing their names. Any U.S. decision to target CNPC would mark a significant escalation given the company’s status as China’s largest oil producer. Its publicly listed arm, PetroChina, has operations in the U.S. and secondary shares listed in New York, in addition to partnerships with international energy companies such as Ineos. Bank of Kunlun said it was “not involved in the crude oil import business” and denied having “violated any laws or regulations.” But people in Washington familiar with the activities of the bank said it was viewed by the U.S. as a “bad actor.” “Bank of Kunlun has always been the sacrificial lamb for CNPC and, more broadly, for the Chinese government,” said one former senior U.S. intelligence official. “It is a bank that the Chinese government recognizes as expendable in some sense.”And cracking down on the Bank of Kunlun would come with certain risks that might impede the U.S.’s agenda, particularly when it comes to North Korea.”China is not going to do the U.S. any favors,” said Dennis Wilder, a former top CIA, and White House official. “This is the price you pay strategically. You cannot tell China, on the one hand, to be aligned with you on Iran and North Korea and at the same time decide you’re going to retard or destroy some of their corporations.”After all, Beijing has made clear that it has no problem being Iran’s most important lifeline during an extremely difficult time.

Trump Outmanuvers Xi – US Stock Market Set To Explode Higher

Make no mistake about it, Xi capitulated quietly in private discussions with Trump and that is why Trump delayed additional Tariffs. Now when China fully capitulates within the next few months, the US Stock Markets will explode higher.
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