Gold Versus Bitcoin Verses the Euro Versus the Yuan Versus the USDollars Killer Profits

Gold Versus Bitcoin Verses the Euro Versus the Yuan Versus the USDollars Killer Profits

Just to clarify for new readers, our traffic light style signals are simple. A Red Light means stop and sell. A Green Light means to Go and buy.

As you can see, myths about what is happening economically. More importantly, making money is not about listening to the TV gurus and their opinions. Its about leting the market tell you where and when to make money.  For example the last few weeks the “Gurus” have been talking about Gold, Bitcoin, China’s Yuan, and the Euro. And while they have been, you can look at this and our member’s blog and we were telling you how to make money.


It is always puzzling to me when someone talks about Gold as if it unique and the only thing that will last forever. Sure, but I want to make money with it this year.


It is amazing to me to listen to someone who talks about Bitcoin as if it is unique and the future. Freinds were telling me it was going to a million dolllars per coin.


It was just two 3 years ago that all my associates were telling me that the Euro was going to replace the Dollar.


I was in a political argument with a colleague that was telling me how the Yuan was going to replace the Dollar as well.


Maybe all of them are correct in their assessments from a long-term point of view! but while they are bullish on those currencies, we are making money on the dollar:

This point is simple, don’t argue with your colleagues, follow the greenlights, make some money, then buy them a nice lunch and listen to them tell you more stories about what is going to happen to the dollar now.

Then just smile and go make more money following your InterAnalyst Traffic Lights Evergreen Strategy; Simply buy green arrows on any investment chart when the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly charts are in unison.  Sell when they turn Red and Immediately find a new investment option within the InterAnalyst subscriptions using the evergreen strategy.

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